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Full Version: Looking for plug in
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I'm looking for a plug in that enables me do display the most viewed threads with username, views, and title in any webpage on my website.
I need to do this across all threads and also from threads within forums.
I'm enclosing an image of the design I'm working on to give you an idea.
Are there any plug ins or quick code fixed out there to do this?
In "Board Statistics" (stats.php) you are able to see the "Most Viewed Threads", grab that code and adjust where needed .
This isn't a plugin change it's template and css.
this is css, you must change around the classes
Thats only CSS.
No plugin Big Grin
Can you please give more detail ! Sorry but I am coding blind Sad
just check out in plugins threads.....(smart answer na.....wat to do....)
Yea i believe there is no such plugin you must edit css or php.
kacperoo Wrote:Thats only CSS.
No plugin Big Grin