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Full Version: About LiteBulletin
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Hi =]
I want to ask you something about LiteBulletin.
LiteBulletin looks like VB =] But, Is it better than myBB ?
At LiteBulletin there are many futures that I like
and I don't know how to add them to myBB
[Like the profile, the classic postbit and more]

But when I will want to upgrade the forum to mybb 1.4.6,
I think that this is impossible .

So what is better, myBB or LiteBulletin ?
Didn't LiteBulletin die, like, months ago...?? o.O It was a fork of MyBB, basically MyBB with a few added features and a redesigned theme. If you use it you can't get support on the MyBB comm. forums so you'd have to rely on their support. The classic postbit is available in MyBB though, always has been... check your UserCP Options... :S And no, you probably can't upgrade LiteBulletin to MyBB 1.4.6...
You right, and no. The postbit doesn't look like LiteBulletin.
And how the profile looks, so beautiful... And I don't know how to do that..

Ohh and what about DaddyoBB ?
DaddyoBB is another fork of MyBB.
we do not longer support LiteBulletin
The Team is working on Project Bee
How exactly does the LiteBulletin postbit look that is different to MyBB?? o.O
The classic postbit looks different P:
And yeah I know.
But how is it different, do you have a screenshot??
My personal opinion.. Mybb is much better than other forum software. I'm happy with mybb.. Big Grin