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Full Version: Need some help with creating a plug in.
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After reading all the tuts on the subject, here and at mybb I am half way there. I need some help to finish it up. The plug in I am trying to make is this tut by babjusi here.

He said that he doe not have the time to do it himself and I am free to make it into a plug in. Here is what I have until now.
You're kidding me?

A better method...go into admincp edit the guest usergroup and untick the checkbox for "Can view who's online?" under the "Miscellaneous" tab.

Some trick ehh..
That is different because that is what I thought too at the begin. This trick will allow me to show the guests a message when they view the online list without hiding it. Whereas with permissions I can not do that. It hides it completely from guests. Please help me to turn it into a plug in labrocca. Thank you.
Sorry can't help you. My time is limited. Good luck.
Can you please help me with this Labrocca? Only one small edit and that is it. How to make it to show only to guests without ticking off the permission set.
Here is the link where you helped me out yesterday.