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Full Version: Headers??
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Alright so again I'm say that I'm still a noob at MyBB and editing the templates but I was looking at some themes and such to learn from and I can't figure out how to change the headers from a boxy look to rounded.

[Image: Example-2.jpg]

The first header in the image is mine... The second is in the Black Evo theme but I couldn't find how to change my boxed header to the rounded version in the Evo theme!? Anyone know how to do this I would greatly appreciate it!!
Anyone?? Please I would seriously appreciate it!!
You'll need to change the html in the templates.
Yea I noticed that some of them say "block" but Idk what the term is for the rounded edges!?
There is not term. You have to create corner images and place them in div's or td's. Look around for basic xhtml/css tutorials.
Mmk will do... you get my PM about the GFX forum?