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Please let me know what you think of the design. It's not structured yet but I hope to get the site up asap.
Looking pretty good so far Smile How did you get the side menu?
There is a mod that Zaher made I believe. It's a plugin.
Looking nice but I have one suggestion: # Invite (& Lotery) on menu it's not available for unregistered users. My opinion it's to make visible this option just for registered users.

Best regards.
You can't have template conditionals in mybb yet. Also how would non-members know about the feature? The idea is for them to signup if they want to use the lottery.
You The Man
Well, I think you either need to get rid of the "My additional box" at the bottom of the side boxes or put new content in that space! Wink LOL
Yeah will add content soon enough. I am fairly close to going all-out on the site. Things just have to be ready that's all. I don't want this site to flop. I want it to be one of my top sites.
Kick ass design! Is it going to be released for download?

Thanks! Smile
looks good could the side boxes be used for advertising?