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Full Version: DA 1 Year Anniversary Contest
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Because Discuss Admin is approaching its 1 year anniversary, August 17th, we will be starting this contest.
This contest is unlike previous ones, as it will be on a much larger scale.

What to Do
All you need to do, post. That's all, just post.
The rule is like this:
Threads: 2 Contest Posts
Posts: 1 Contest Post
Spam posts WILL be deleted. Only posts more than 15 characters count towards it.
The rule is as simple as that, no catch.

No catch, doesn't mean no prizes!
This contest's prize system and prize awarding system is a bit different, so that everybody gets what they want.
There will be a pool of prizes, and 1st place chooses 3, 2nd chooses 2, and 3rd chooses 1.

How to win
All you need to do is have the most posts to get the Grand Prize, e.g. 1st.
However, you must at least exceed 200 Contest Posts to get a prize.
The contest runs until August 16th 10:00 AM, central time (GMT-6).

-Discuss Admin 6 month sidebar AdSpace (W: $60)
-Google AdWords $50 (Worth: $50)
-MyBB Custom Design (W: $40+)
-2x .com/.org/.net/.info/.in Domain (W: $18)
-10,000 DD (W: $10~)
-Discuss Admin Premium Membership (W: $5)

A little overview of the rules:
1. Posts must exceed 15 characters.
2. Threads are worth 2 Contest Posts
3. Posts are worth 1 Contest Posts
4. Spam during this period will be infractioned with 50% warning.
5. All members start with 0 Contest Posts, regardless of your current post count.
6. Contest starts Friday 10:00 AM, Central Time (GMT -6).

Contest starts Friday, June 19th 10:00 AM, Central Time (GMT -6).
Have fun and enjoy!
Prizes are subject to increase at any time, prizes WILL NOT decrease. Many will post, few will win.
I'm doing it Big Grin
Sounds great, I'll be taking part.