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Full Version: G'day
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G'day All,
I have been using myBB since last October for our family forum. I find it very easy to use.

I have since showed friends with businesses when I created their sites for them and they like the functionality.

I have come back to this forum because I am learning about templates for making individual ones for each site. You guys have heaps of info from all of your vast experiences.

I went to download something and found I have to make 2 posts before I am allowed. Good call, get some community interactivity happening...I like it.

Anyway, have enjoyed using myBB and learning from you guys.
How do I get rid of the "This user is on your ignore list" statement form every post. I checked and don't have anyone in my ignore list.
I agree, mybb is so much easier to use than any other forum hoster, like phpbb or invisionpower. My members are loving it.

Good luck with everything!