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Full Version: Permission problems with mybbcentral
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I registered yesterday went through the confirmation says account active and then paid my fee to access the plugins but I cannot post in any of the threads it give a permission page saying I am banned or dont have permission to post. I have a problem with the myps plugin so could a mod or admin look into this please so I can get some support.
You can't create a new thread under the plugins section. I think you should be able to under the MYPS Free section. Read the sticky in the plugins section for the full reason why.
So how am I suppose to request something be made if I cant even post in the Requests and Suggestions area of 1.4 what did I pay for only the ability to download is all? I can only post in unrelated areas which does me no good for requesting a mod be made. Is there a site for mybb mods that lets you post in the correct areas and you can hire people to create a mod?
There is an accouncementt in the request area which explains why that section is closed.

So for about 10 weeks that one section has been closed for new threads but it won't be long before it's opened up again. Realistically making a suggestion for me to make a plugin doesn't mean I will do it. It's probably only about 5% of suggestion that I actually will do.

And the subscription fee is for access to downloads. There are no promises of future or custom work. As for paid's mentioned in the announcement but basically just send me a PM with your idea and budget. If I can't do it I will let you know right away.
so, now that the suggestions are open again...why aren't i able to post a new thread there?
Hmm..let me double check permissions.