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Full Version: Forum Birth!?
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Mmk just like a women has classes and such when she is pregnant I need some info! I wanna start a new forum for GFX and my friends and I are ready to go but we don't really know a whole lot about getting it up and going. What would ya'll suggest be our first steps in setting up a MyBB based GFX forum... from top to bottom I need to know anything you can throw at me!

I would greatly appreciate the info although I haven't much to offer I could offer a free signature for the assistance if your info proves helpful!!
Make the best theme possible!!
well that's a given... I was meaning more along the lines of setting up the MySQL and everything else... I really don't know how to do all that... and if anyone knows anything about GFX forums I was looking for how much host space we would need and so forth... once its up and running I understand how to run a forum I just don't know how to get it setup and going.
Mmk coolly! Well hopefully I get a few more answers on here cuz that site you gave me Stephon, isn't working anymore!