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Full Version: Hi all.
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Just wanted to say hi, and that I look forward to reading the info and resources here. I'm a newbie to MyBB, having used phpBB until I found MyBB a couple weeks ago and decided to give it a try for the reworking of one of my sites. I fell in love immediately because of ease of making and managing the forums and permissions, so I've been playing around with it since then.

I probably will be lurking for a while while I absorb and learn; I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Smile


Edited to add: The site that I am currently using MyBB is at I will eventually move it to also, but that site is still a little up in the air in terms of building it and labeling what I want to do with it. BalancePointe is going to definitely be a community type site--I am trying to take Lynda training on Joomla and Drupal and will be using one or the other for the framework. I'm artistic in real life and still trying to figure out how to convert what I do on canvas to the 'puter, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with design for MyBB too. Smile

Just figured I should explain myself in case someone tried to figure out why I don't have myBB set up at ScribbleMuse if they search for that one--it's currently set up with phpBB but will eventually stick mybb there too. BP is my current active site.
Welcome to Mybb Central. Good luck on growing your site. Hopefully you'll find lots of help here to do just that.
Thanks labrocca. Smile This is such a great resource! lol I've been poring over the MyBB and TAZ forums, which is where I heard of both MyBB and you/this site--I'm trying to figure out which themes I want to try tonight to finally start personalizing my site, along with setting up a front page WordPress blog to act as the portal/blog portion for now, until I can figure out how to work with Drupal, which is currently terrifying to me... lol

Thanks again to you and all the posters here for all the hard work and documentation that has been gathered. It's priceless!