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Full Version: Centering the wrapper?
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Mmk so the last few templates I was messing with used a container and that was it... this one uses a wrapper and Idk how to center it!? Will someone explain to me how to do this!

Thank you in advance to those who help!!
<div align="center">
So is there not a way for me to do it through the ACP editing?
you edit your template in the acp.

btw you can also use this to center your wrapper.

margin:0 auto;

just need to edit your global.css and assign that to the wrapper.
Craigw Wrote:you edit your template in the acp.
Is that bad?
I can read the code in the ACP better then jumbled code of the XML file...
Also I'm new enough to this stuff that I can't really start from scratch yet!

That worked though! Thanks bro and if you ever need a signature or anything let me know I'll see what I can do for ya!
You don't read the XML at all.
So how do ya'll edit your stuff? I have just DL'd a few themes from the main MyBB site and then just kinda tweaked them a little to learn more about the flow of everything! When I DL them all they have is the images folder and the XML file... for the most part.
The XML is the import file but you shouldn't edit it. After you import it then you can make alterations in the admincp.
mmk so basically when you advised thqat I used the <div align="center"> code it was if I was writing from scratch? Cuz I know that's basically useless in acp unless I just don't know what I'm doing! lol I usually just go to edit the global.css and I edit it in full format not by section...
In admincp you go to Templates and Themes sectin. Edit the templates and look for header. You'll find all the xhtml in there. You would find the div you want to align center and place the align="center" in it.

The entire layout of mybb is editable in admincp. Everything.