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Full Version: New Custom Theme?
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OK, so I decided to redoo my site with a custom theme. How does this look.
Looks like a work in progress.
No that is it. What else is there it?
I am just saying that's how it looks. So's not a completed work and you need to do more.

I would redo the actual button images. You have basically just grey scaled the old ones and it doesn't look right. Plus you added some curves but have left the table heads square.
I'm not very good with buttons. But the rounded thing was not working. I make the header square if that evens it out and helps.
It would even it out a little. Honestly I think you need a container of some sort! The tables floating on the black BG is just to plain.
The orange black/grey looks good together! Somethign I found that I like is adding the slightest texture to the trows and such... Not enough to really stand out but almost in a subliminal sense! If you get what i mean. If you leave the tables "floating" then they should have side borders as well as base and top... Also you should round them all off if they are left this way. If you add a container with a bg diff. from the the black it would be really better to me. You got a good start and I like the simplicity of your on/off icons! Buttons do need some work as well!
Idk that I will have a ton of time but hit me up with the idea you want for buttons and maybe I can help you out! You can ask labrocca I'm sure he will tell you that I know what I'm doing when it comes to graphics! lol

on off offlock many need work but the new reply etc are ok.