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Full Version: I am in need of an older MYBB conversion package
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I was recently hacked as you can see in my previous post. i had moved to mybb from SMF a few months ago and i still have the old data base with all the forus and a mojority of the posts but the new coverversion package doesnt work with my host does anyone have a copy of an older one?
Why doesn't it work with your host??
its pops up an error saying i need a PHP installation of PHP 5.0 or higher but i didnt have this problem with the older package thats why im looking for a copy
To be honest you'd be a lot better off trying to get them to upgrade their PHP version than use an older version of the merge system, PHP 4 is unsupported by PHP now...
yeah thats what i was afraid of i just really didn't want to hastle with them about the upgrade but i guess i have to...wish me luck