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Full Version: Roms and Emulators Plugin
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I've been looking at some things here and there to add to my gaming forum to spice it up a bit. I've already gotten a gaming section installed and am slowly installing up to 500+ games in it ATM.

But I started thinking. I've always liked playing roms on the emulators. It's easy and simple. And alot of the games are just flat out awesome. (my personal favorite are the older Zelda games Big Grin).

I think a really REALLY awesome suggestion for a new plugin would be a plugin the embeds an emulator into mybb, and allows me to upload roms to play on different emulators, sort of like the game section. The games would be longer and more intense and be alot more fun. The only downside i could really see would be maybe the amount of bandwidth it would take up and resources it would take. Other than that, I think i'd really like to see this plugin come to life.

90 percent sure he won't do this...
I am 100% sure.
I know what Omni likes Tongue
Tongue ok thanks Big Grin
I guess that's not even possible, how would you do a implementation into HTML?
(Jul 07, 2009, 10:44 AM)LS 134 Wrote: [ -> ]I guess that's not even possible, how would you do a implementation into HTML?

You would make an emulation for the emulator. you would have to really in simple, make a large huge long, program for it to re-emulate the games and emulator.
I don't even think this is possible
(Jul 10, 2009, 06:47 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]I don't even think this is possible

Apparently you can code C and C++ sites. (No idea i was told this >_>)
Huh..? No one can code C/C++ sites as executables vary from platform to platform as well as arquitecture. (as far as I know it's not possible)
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