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Hey guys, just recently, I released a site that I've wanted to release for so long. The site is General Chat based, but integrated with Video Game chat. Most of my users will be transferring from an old site that I was Admin to.
Check out the site, and if you like it.. join Big Grin
Is anyone going to review my site?
I'd just like to let you guys know that my site reached it's 444th thread.

I don't care if the feedbacks are negative or positive. In the end, it helps me out a lot. Thanks.
That's a great website. Congratulations on your 444th thread. You sir are officially successful Tongue
It's okay for a start, there are lot of general chat forums so good luck! Anyway, I'd prefer it without the music
Thank you for the feedbacks. I'll take the advise, I'll stop the music from auto starting.
Never have music playing on a site it annoys your users.
The music still automatically started the first time I loaded the page and ruined the Billy Talent I already had playing Sad

Other than that, the skin is pretty basic, it might be a good idea to spice it up with a more colourful skin. Still, you seem to have a fair amount of activity and a good community.
LethalZone.Net has gone from a MyBB site to an Invision Power Board supported Forum.

A lot of categories have been removed.
5 New Themes.
Includes a cash system, tutorial system, investments, cool smilies, awesome members, lots of updates, custom logo, and a unique community. Come by any time and find the fun Big Grin