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Full Version: Plugin Request For Link Hider
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Im looking for a plugin for mybb 1.4.8 which will allow guests to view posts , but all links in the posts will just say "Please Login To See Link"

Ive seen this feature on another forum software (Vbulletin i think) and it would be great if something like this is available for mybb

I found the Hide Links For Guests For 1.4 Plugin On The Mybb Mods Site But It Wont Work When I Try To ACtivate - Get A Database Error , Even When Setting The Correct File To CHMOD 777

Kind Regards And Thanks in Advance!

The problem is how mybb handles quoting. You can't actually do this without core file edits which I refuse to release a plugin that requires that.
oh ok

thankd anyway Smile you can close the thread