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Full Version: Integrating a Cbox - help please!
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I want to add a Cbox to one of my sites and I must integrate the thing due to the fact the side boxes plugin (anyone's plugin) does not allow for logged in and guest views thus eliminating some privacy with side boxes. That's the one thing I did love about the wow system - i can have private and not private side boxes on the left side.

Anyway, I copied this from the Cbox site - it's their instructions on integrating the Cbox. What I need to know is the $name variable that mybb calls for.

Quote:User integration

If you host your own website with its own userbase, you can integrate Cbox so that it automatically assigns the correct names to users logged in to your website. Integration replaces the standard Cbox user features.

I'm integrating with: General PHP-based website
If your site is PHP-based, alter your Cbox HTML code in the following way:


Where the variable $name appears, insert the variable that represents the user's name as retrieved from your userbase. This will vary depending on your CMS or forum system.

How do I go about finding this variable?
Woo Hoo! I got it! All by myself I freakin' got it!

This board is great - I post with something I need help with and then suddenly I figure it out all by myself. sweet.

It's this for anyone else needing to know {$mybb->user['uid']}
well, so much for that. It was working and then it stopped. Sad

What would make it just stop working like that? Anyone got a clue?