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Well, is a community that designs professional skins.
We have free, premium, and custom, everything requires a minimum of 5 posts before downloading, exceptions on premium.
Most skins are designed by Taddy1449 and coded by me.

WHAT?!? Only 4 skins?! Well, it's not only that. I'm releasing ALL my skins and offering official support there, and all my current skins are going to be free ones. That adds up to around 12~ free skins.
As for premium ones, we currently have 2, and planning on releasing over 5 more this month alone, all with the top quality of the ones that are already there.

Our premium rates are $9.99/year, offering you great benefits as seen on our upgrade page.
Anybody who's had a custom skin designed by me will get a $5.00 off, meaning you'll get a refund of $5.00.

It isn't completely completed yet, there are still some elements not yet put in yet.