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Full Version: Still myIPN help :(
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6. Edit your template wherever you want to link to the subscribe page. I recommend header and placing a toplink image.

I have read that, went to template settings and cant see myIPN anywhere. Can you dumb it up for me and explain step by step how do i do it same way as it is on this forum.-. please!
Just go to the header template, and add a new link. Copy one of the current links, edit the URL it does to, edit the name of the image to show, and remove the language variable and type the text you want to show.
Ok i have added link, now how do i make the reasons 1234 what i want
You clearly didn't read the MyIPN thread whatsoever.

Quote:5. Edit the language file to have the extra privileges (subscribe.php page) for the subscriber group. It's an obvious edit inside root/inc/languages/english/myipn.lang.php (or the appropriate language if not english)

Try and read the instructions given to you, you'd be amazed to find they usually actually answer your questions.

And also, just post in the MyIPN thread if you have a problem, not just make more threads in this forum, there's no point in doing that when there's a thread especially for that plugin.