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Full Version: paid subscription help
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I don't have any premier or business account. as i can't confirm my debit card for some odd reason.
So i was wondering would it work without?

in readme.txt it also says
"You must enable IPN at Paypal as well. You can do so here:
You do not need a notify url. You can leave it blank but you must enable IPN."
but when i do this i get an message that i need to add nofity url.
But since i'm not sure what this is. which link should i add?

and what is MYPS?
(Jul 24, 2009, 10:49 AM)HK2 Wrote: [ -> ]and what is MYPS?
aight, then that problem is solved. more to go.
Just put your homepage as URL. It won't effect script.
so it will work even if i have an personal paypal account and not premium/business?
Did you take the time to read the install instructions?

Quote:4. Change the settings to suit your needs. You MUST have a premier or business paypal account for the email. The paypal email must also be the primary email address. Make sure to also set the uid for the PMs. If you have not already done so please setup a special group for your subscribers if you wish them to have special privileges.

And please in the future use the release thread for support of a plugin.