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Full Version: Suggest me a MyBB Skin Designer!
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Hi Guys,
Coming soon, will be my newest MyBB Project; Discuss Life.

I'd like for you all to suggest me some MyBB Skin Designers. I've already contacted Zynge - and I think we may hire them, but can you all suggest me some designers.

My design will certainly be complex and I will be asking for a lot. The total is no object; though I'd like to stay under the 200 dollar range.

Thank y'all in advance.
Lol Labrocca is decent Tongue

and yea Zynge isn't bad
Well, I might as well give it a shot right? I would suggest myself, from CustoMyBB ( ATM, soon to be .com).
I've dabbled a bit with skins too. My stuff tends to be more graphically bold than most.
feel free to click the banner in my sig and check my stuff out.
I recommend Combus. He does all my themes, and I have never been disappointed. You can find him on the MyBB Community Forums.
AFAIK, his theme is almost ready.
Thanks for all of the suggestions!

I checked out all of your suggestions, and I decided to settle with Fullmetalbabe from Setsou Design.

Thanks again!