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Full Version: what do you think about my site?
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Well my site is all about gaming consoles, on hacking them etc. I would love some suggestions.
url: Big Grin
get a real domain
I would but I don't know how to set up with my host yet.
Looks good. However, I read this on your forum: "Want your psp hacked well the forum wont take responsibility if you get in trouble with illegal things but here you go your own forum.", hacking your PSP means installing Custom Firmware. This doesn't mean the user will download pirated games. Hacking a PSP is not the same as play illegal games. Even some custom firmwares don't allow ISO's/CSO's to be executed. To be honest, my 3 PSP's have custom firmware, one of them uses Custom Firmware enabler as there is no kernel exploit for the version it uses, so I have to use this "enabler" which gives the official firmware the "same" features as a custom firmware.
Imo, the primary goal of custom firmware is to be able to run unsigned code as developers would have to pay a lot in order to signtheir games/applications. Just my thoughts (most of the people, besides "11 year old kids", think the same way I do).
Yea i will get rid of that, thanks for noticing meant to add something like that in the cso/iso.
(Jul 30, 2009, 12:35 AM)hyde Wrote: [ -> ]get a real domain

QFT. are one of the worst domains to use for any website.

If you are looking for free domains which use DNS settings such as A, CNAME, etc go to afraid [dot] org.

The skin is pretty slick, I like the look of the boards overall. All you need now is the activity Smile