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Full Version: Hosting Migration
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Hey folks,
I am willing to change my hosting from justhost to hostingmonster so I am asking if anyone can help me with myBB forum migration. What i want to do is to transfer my forum from old to new hosting so i dont lose members and posts, so can anyone please write an easy to follow step by step guide on doing this, and i will reward first 2 with steam accounts-

tnx, doomrazr
Here, try this guide:

If you need further assistance I'd be happy to help. Smile
Very basically:

Backup, backup, backup. Both database and files. Make sure they're complete and not corrupt.
Change your board URL and cookie settings if necessary (probably isn't in this case).
Once your domain has been transferred, shift all your files to the new host.
Make a new database, and import your backup to it.
Edit the database details in ./inc/config.php to the new ones.