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About a year ago someone, I thought it was Lex, make a modification on another forum that when you use a http://www.......jpg address in the forum tittle this will not showing up anymore.
I use flags in the language talk but the flag is not showing up only the code.


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I do not wanne have this line

Quote:<img src="" border="0" >
in the navigation line, this must be an image.

Does anybody know how to do this.
I have no idea what you're talking about.

Quote:I use flags in the language talk but the flag is not showing up only the code

Have you checked that you have the right url? When you say navigation do you mean the breadcrumb or the toplinks?
I think it is the toplinks,
what do you mean with breadcrumb perhaps its also there.
Examples here

Breadcrumb: MyBB Central / Mybb Central General Discussions / Mybb General Support Help / navigation

Toplinks: Upgrade Contact Testimonials Invite Documents Search Member List Tagpad
What I mean is in the attachment.
On the old forum from Lex, he had a sollution to show only the text from the forum tittle and not the images. But his old forum is offline.

Those images where showed because in the forum tittle I use images.
Expecialy in the todays posts it is usefull to have them because I use about 14 languages. Now you can see directly in what forum people posting without knowing the language.
But in the navigation on the top is is better to have only the forum name and no image and no image url as you see now.
Anybody who knows a sollution for this.
That's a breadcrumb.

As for any lost lex addons..I can't really help you.