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Full Version: Quick registrer for 1.4
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It would be really useful Big Grin

I tried to install the one of the 1.2 version but i couldnt make it work..

And it would be fantastic if there is a way to include custom profile fields

That won't work and one doesn't exist for 1.4x.

It's not actually viable given the security risk and measures needed to register.
so its not possible to make one ?
Anything is possible. It's just stupid to do it.
I like the quick registration system of this forum
(Jul 29, 2009, 02:28 AM)sadiqsaad Wrote: [ -> ]I like the quick registration system of this forum

That's very ugly which imho is why it's not viable.
its not ugly man ! , it makes the board powerful , gets you more members , i will subscribe if i found this mod
But then you could get hacked.