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Full Version: MYPS mycode unhide plugin
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Basically with the Point system, users should purchase to unhide the "code" tag. This will force users to reply or start new topics in order to accumulate points to reveal hidden content Big Grin. So basically like this

the Code tag [code ]
please click here to purchase to view.
[ /code]

after clickin on the link, it will redirect/reload the page with the hidden content revealed.

The process in which the link is clicked to unhide code will be to decrease the users points and give a bonus portion to the post creator.

In ACP, admins can set the purchase amount, bonus amount, and set which usergroups has to pay. All using integers and 2 decimal places.

For sure a table structure is required in order to keep the information of which users has purchased to see hidden content in post. with the [code ] tag.