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Full Version: Problem with editing
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okay, i have just started up a forum, and i am using mybb for the first time.
I posted something and then when another admin edited it says it was posted by a "guest" under my name. why?

like this =>


What plugins do you have??
quite a lot, ill post the list

Admin Post Edit (1.0)

Canonical (1.0)

Custom Tab (1.0)

Guests and lurkers combined message (1.0)

Extra Moderator Permissons (1.2)

My Ad Manager (1.1.4)

My Awards (1.2)

My Meta Tags (2.1a)

My Side Boxes (1.0)

MYPS (1.3)

No ALL-CAPS in Posts/PMs (1.02)
What do you mean? it says
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