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Full Version: I'm Thinking of Making a MyBB-Oriented Web Host
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I was looking at some web hosts, and I noticed - which is a WordPress oriented web host, with plans and support staff that are all meant for the blogging platform.

I was thinking of possibly doing this for MyBB. I would set up plans that would be best for MyBB forums, I would hire a MyBB-oriented support staff, and offer downloads and help related to MyBB. It would be a web host, not a forum host, so you could still use it for non-MyBB purposes, though.

Would anybody here be interested in this? The server that I plan on putting this on I have been tracking, and so far it's had 100% excellent uptime. This should also help MyBB's exposure.

I wanted to ask this because unlike WordPress, MyBB has a lot smaller of an audience, and I don't want to end up making a host and only have a few people sign up.

PS: I already got a support staff on the MyBB forums who will be helping me out Smile


I think that many people would be interested in such a project! Wink
I thought you were going to be a proxy host?
This would be excellent, and I'd be highly interested! And, like you mentioned in the original post, this would give MyBB plenty of exposure.

I also think that if you do something like Jesse is doing: giving "x" amount of percent back to the MyBB Project, would attract a lot of MyBB users.

Last but not least, who on the support staff have you inquired in helping you? I know Tom Loveric is no longer on the support team, but a mentor, could you add him as a helper? He's great!
Well it's up to Tom, if he is interested, that would be great Smile So far I had Joshua Mayer contact me, and Polarbear might do it.

I am not yet sure about the X amount of percent back. I will be happy to send them a bit of the profits, but I don't want to specifically post that I will give X amount of percent because that becomes a hassle and if I write that and I don't exactly give that, then there could be problems with where the money is going.

Regardless, I feel this will definitely help market MyBB Smile

@TM0, I decided that starting with hosting high-resource proxies would be a bad idea, I need to know how to host smaller sites first.