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Full Version: Board and ACP...blank
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My forum is not visible. o.o

The Admin CP and the index of the original forum is "wiped".

I was installing the Games Section Mod, and then, in the middle of it, I installed and activated the games plugin (noob I know) and then I tried to delete everything I put in from the games section, and then this happened...


Help please? (Also affects ACP)
I don't support Game Section. It's not written by me and it's very buggy. I suggest you don't use it.
Exactly why I changed my mind in the middle. Now I'm in this mess. Tongue
I used the game section and never had that problem. But it's really buggy so I am not using it anymore. Got tired of fixing so many things
Well that didn't really help me at all.

Anyways, I don't care if this doesn't get fixed. I was thinking about starting over and getting professional, since I will soon be a subscriber.
Uhm, do you have access to your Site CPanel then file manager??