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Full Version: Tabbed Menu
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When i add another tab, its blank. Anyone help?
Use the support thread from the release. And do you mean the tab itself is blank or the forums?
The tab its self
What's the text you are placing?

Have you tried to edit it in admincp?
Im not placing text, i uploded everything. This i go under Forum and Posts. Then i see Tab Menu then it says, Please select a category you want to put it in, so i put my category, then click Save or w/e and then its not on the Main index, then the other tab is their then i click it and its blank
Open the template forumbit_depth1_cat and fix the double placement of the div code.


That should only be in there once.
So just delete the other one?
Delete the second one should do it.
Okay, will reply back when im done
QUESTION: Do i just remove that bit or the whole second part?

Just remove the second one of that.
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