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Full Version: Member name colors for each theme?
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How can I make it so that the members names show up not following the default colors that are in the groups settings in the admin panel but that I can set them to match each individual theme I have loaded on my site?

I want to allow my members several choices of themes but the default setting for regular member names is black. Some of my darker themes won't show that.

Can I make it somehow like the star image where it allows me to say {theme}/star.gif but for the group name instead?

I know I can set the color in the group settings with this:

<span style="color: #49d149;"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>

but that still makes it universal for all themes. I want it to be able to follow the style sheet for each theme instead.

I'm sure I'll have to edit a template or stylesheet or both too? What ones would that be?

can it even be done? Sad
hmmm thats a good idea but i dont know how you would go about doing that
<span class="admin">{username}</span>

Obviously change the 'admin' bit for each group. Then, in the global.css for each theme, make a class called admin etc, and put in the CSS.

Very easy and now my themes will not have my members squinting to see the names on some of the darker themes!