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Full Version: Announcements on the Portal page
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OK another dumb question....

If I set up my portal page, and I want admin announcements to show on it, in the settings it asks me what forum to pull the announcements from.

So, I tell it. I have an announcement made from my admin panel where you can make 'forum announcements'. I assigned these specific announcements to be just that in one area.

What is going on though is that the software does not pull these announcements but stickies and posts from that forum.

I thought that setting was to pull only announcements and not posts?
Am I telling it something wrong?
That's what it does, it shows threads from whatever forums you put in. I can see what you're thinking though, but I guess people usually put the FID of an announcements forum in there, so they'd be 'announcements', but not made in the ACP as announcements, if you see what I mean...
I guess I took it too literally?

I wanted the portal page to act more like a 'splash' page where I have an area that no one can reply to but see the latest news.

Right now, I set up a hidden forum that only I can see for that purpose. Would be easier if it were simply pulled from announcements because then anyone clicking on the link to 'read more' or whatever wouldn't get an error saying they can't read due to permissions.