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Full Version: Installing Themes & Headers
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Hey ya'll!

I'm new to this and am needing help installing new headers and themes together. I have the headers to match the themes that I like. I've installed the themes but all the images dont show up and I cant get the header in as well.

Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to do this? Like "installing a theme 101?" lol


can anyone help? Smile
Installation instructions and customization information is included in the package in the "READ ME" file.
Meghan I took a look at your site and If I may make some suggestions that worked for me:
Invite plugin.
Easy Refer:
MYPS Points System.
whats invite plugin?
I'm trying to get the "notebook" one installed. I have the header already in. But on the step where it says to import the images, do I have to go through each image individually and import them? I tried to find a "select all" to upload them all but it wont work. I cant click on "images" and upload. Looks like I have to go through each individual image (looks like there area a TON) and upload one at a time, or am I missing something?

You can upload them all at once with an FTP client of some sort...
Ok its up Smile But the header isnt showing up (like it has on the other themes) and also there is another language thrown in with the english. How do I get rid of that?