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Full Version: Making A Forum Private...
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I've made the forum, usergroup for the private forum on our board, but I'm not finding where the members can join that usergroup and where I can approve them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UserCP > Group Memberships. They can join them here, if they're able to be joined, and IIRC you'll see pending requests there too. There's also a plugin somewhere to show a message on the index if there's pending requests.
If anyone has a link to that plugin, I'd love it. Thanks!
Whats IIRC?
I'm not seeing where they can join in group memberships. What do I need to have checked under the usergroup that I created for it to make it joinable?

IIRC = if I remember correctly

Tick 'Yes, users can freely join and leave this group' and 'Yes, all new join requests need to be moderated first'.
I was looking for that, thanks!
Thanks for the tip! Sam was looking for the answer to this question!)