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Full Version: GFX Masters (Graphics and Web Design Forum)
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[Image: gfxlogo.png]
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GFX Masters is a graphics and web design forum I started with a friend about a week ago. We are of course looking for active members so sign up if you are interested.

I would really like some feedback about the theme, logo, plugins etc...

So what do you guys think?

~G-Man Tongue
Eh... The theme is very common and over used. You haven't changed any of it to customize it in the least. It's ok but not fantastic. Has a lot of room to improve.
Go for an Intel combo if your looking for reliability or overclocking.

Go for an AMD combo if you want to spend less money on a combo with better performance than what you would get with an Intel combo at same price.

You can't go wrong with either. It's the video card that will be most dependant for gaming, which looks more than fine(9600 GT).


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will you freaking stop necroposting already? geez man look at the post date >_>