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Full Version: Is this site illegally redistributing plugins?
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The site is

But because most of us cant speak Turkish here is a translated page of one of the plugins i suspect is stolen:

Ps. Sorry if this is the wrong section.
YES :|. It's stoled from Sad.
o course it is sir!
That really burns me up when someone does that crap and has to steal
Nice found. Maybe you should pm labrocca, in case he didn't see this thread yet. But seems like he's taking a break from this place and all the mybb stuff.
yeah i think hes taking a break, as hackforums is constantly being ddosed and stuff Wink
Aw, so sad to see him not running the place for a while.

I hope he's having fun, he really deserves it after having a place like this, HF, and stuff....
That thief is an idiot, labrocca and others who have produced great quality addons- can sue him if they can be bothered, All addons are copyrighted anyway. Plus these guys worked their asses off building these premium addons....