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Full Version: [Referral] MyBB Exclusives!
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Hello MyBB constructors!

I am pleased to be staged here in order to announce two websites in particular in which I am addressing.

(Note: These websites are not owned or run by me. I am simply referring you there.)

The first and foremost consists of My BB discussion and support, general discussion, Introductory, a place for other members to critique your website like this section here at My BB Central, and mainly and importantly THEMES. We all need great themes to accompany our forum, and this is the place to get it. Whether it be free or paid, this website probably has what you are looking for. And with its constant growth and construction of new themes, it's hardly a website reviewing through one glance.

Please use my referral link if you are going to join this forum, as I did refer you...but mostly because I need it for something:


You can register plainly by visiting ---------- BUT MAKE SURE TO PUT 'Hero' AS THE REFERRER! Please? Tongue

You WON'T regret going to that website.

There. That's all I have to say. Please join My BB Studios using my referral link.

Thank you.

I will add more information if it is needed.

Cheers, Hero. Smile
I'm lovin the theme of the MyBBstudios! Do you have tutorials by any chance for theme creation? I suppose I will have to check it out but it looks like its worth registering for.
All in all I don't have anything to say about the studios site it looks fantastic however the MyBB codes looks like shit compared to the studios site.
The theme isn't bad at all but no where near the level of the other. It just seems very amateur compared to the first site you introduced.
Thanks for the reviews! Yes, My BB Codes is just in beta stage, so it'll eventually grow. My BB Studios is worth it for the subscription. If you like the forum theme, you can download it if you subscribe.