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Full Version: Poke Revolution
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This is my site,
I made it on about July 18th, 2009. It specializes in Pokemon but has a lot of non pokemon things too. How do you guys think it's doing?
The site itself is rather blah and boring. Sorry but the basic MyBB theme is very boring. You should really at the least find a decent theme and use it or modify the basic one to look more attractive. The members and such for only being about a month and half old is good. You already have 96 active users which imo is decent for that amount of time. I'd still advise doing some more advertising though. Idk exactly what you have at the top of the page there but the "Overview" is kinda oddly placed and not really something I think most people would care about. Id move it to the bottom or so and possibly get a new/better banner. You seem to have some decent sig makers on the site you could get them to do it or come over to my site and someone could get you a banner made up! Just click the Cristal Design banner in my sig for the site. We'd be happy to help you out!