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Full Version: How to change Thread Subject text limit?
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My forum only supports 40 characters
:S how can i make it longer?
50 or 60?

Thanks in advance
You do realize that it is against the rules to create duplicate threads right?
it was my mistake
^^U sorry
No prob.
We always make mistakes once in a while. ^^

Also, there is no way to change the text limit in thread titles.
But there is a way to change it for posting.
O_O There isn't?! omg
i know how to change it
Did you found out a way?
No Sad
i meaned that i know how to change title but not title length
Oh, okay.
Sorry for the confusion. ^^
bumping this thread
maybe someone here knows how ^^
There really isn't a way of doing this.
Usually when you have a long sentence that won't fit, 3 dots are put at the end to signify that it is a continuation.
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