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Full Version: Make RokSlideshow a Mybb 1.4.x Plugin
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Hello, I have been looking for ways to create a mybb plugin myself and it seems quite complicated and I just dont have that kind of time to dedicate to learn mybb's framework.

Can anyone convert Rok Slideshow a product for Joomla! into a MyBB 1.4.x Plugin?

I know how to do it all in php.. using forms and such but MyBB is far more complicated than simple forms.

You should be able to add and delete slides which holds the following parameters (image,title,url,description)

Allow for the administrator to upload slide images via MyBB ACP.

Adding a slide writes to the files that is included in the software package which holds the "descriptions, urls, imagename.ext, and slide title". You could even use mysql to do the storing, instead of the file itself.

The actual plugins parameters would include: width, height, effect, effect transition, slide sorting (Ascending, descending), ..etc.

The RokSlideshow is a very nice looking slideshow and may be used for anything and everything. This is why I recommend we have it on-board for MyBB administrators to use, adding yet another great tool at no cost.

Hope someone considers this proposition. I'll even help and contribute programming.