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Full Version: What's wrong with the PM System?
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I sent 2 different PMs to 2 different people but haven't gotten a response back.
So I assume they haven't recieved them.

Is there a bug of some sort?
Is the PM that important? It looks to me you sent them some Private Messages informing giving you some exclusive plug-ins? You know that is against the license.

Anyway, how long ago did you send the PM? Most people get on later or not have seen it yet so you have to wait...
Nah, I don't steal.
And I already know that it's against the rules.

I sent a PM to Labrocca 2 days ago, and MattR yesterday, but got no response.

And yes, the PMs are semi-important, but not really a huge deal.
My PM notification bar was turned off for some reason, sorry Smile
No worries.

Thank you for the response.
I been sort of busy.
Thank you Labrocca. ^^

I totally understand.