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Full Version: Navigation at bottom? Help please
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I am sure this is easy but I just can't seem to figure it out.

How can I get the navigation like it shows at the top of a thread here:


to show up at the bottom of a thread either above or below the pagination here:


I have been fiddling for an hour now to no avail. I just can't figure out the code to put in. I am pretty sure I can figure out where to put it, but not WHAT to put there.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.
The code is <navigation> and by default it's in the header template, you could probably put it in the showthread template above {$quickreply} but then it would also still show at the top; removing it from the header template would remove it from everywhere else.
PERFECT and THANK YOU! I was using every code BUT that one!

I want this navigation at the top AND the bottom of my templates. My members and myself - find it a much more efficient way to get back to the different areas of the board with ease. Saves a lot of scrolling on those long winded topics!
In that case then it may be worth putting it at the very top of the footer template so it shows everywhere, saves you having to add it everywhere Smile
I put it with the {$multipage} thingy:

    <div class="float_left">
        {$multipage} <br />

    <div style="padding-top: 4px;" class="float_right">

Works nice and neatly