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Full Version: Membership Pruning
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I have just pruned all 0 post members from Mybb Central. If you had an account that's deleted you'll need to join again. About 4000 accounts were deleted. I consider them dead weight.

If by chance you were a subscriber and your account is deleted please let me know. I have an exception in the prune script but you never know.

Thank you.
Good thing i made 1 post a day ago, pew.
im just lucky that i have a bloody of spammer ^_^!!
Aww my test account died Sad
If I may ask, how do your avatars change whenever I refresh the page, and why you needed a test account? (My knowledge is limited). The common sense of my brain would tell me its for moderation purposes, but you never know.
I couldn't decide on what avatar to have so I use a script:

I had it a while ago to get the contents of the PM you get when you register, and also to test some other permissions, no big deal that it's gone really Tongue
So you put the randomavatar.php in what directory?
(Sep 01, 2009, 07:10 PM)Hero Wrote: [ -> ]So you put the randomavatar.php in what directory?

it says the dir of the images you want as your avatar, but i may be wrong
Anywhere you want really, then you edit the path to the images into the file, it's the complete server path, and then call the random.php file where you want to use it.
I see. So you must be able to access the FTP in order to upload the PHP file and place it in.
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