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Full Version: I deleted console world's database
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Yeap, that's right. Accidentally but I did it.
I have it set to make daily backups so I have one from yesterday but still, I have made a lot of changes today..will have to do them again.
Damn, im so pissed off
Got it fixed? Looks like its up.
Yeap, just making some new threads, moving some forums, updating release threads and I should be done.
By 3 am I want to be sleeping, really need some rest Tongue
(2:27 am atm)
Cheer up bro, it happens ^^
I done that a couple times. Always frustrating.
Yeap it is, I selected the correct database from phpmyadmin and I don't know how but I selected the console world one too (ticked the two check boxes), and then deleted them and after deleting them I realized I had deleted console world's one too Tongue
Oh well, everything's back and running now. Next time this probably is not going to happen or if it does, I will probably have a more recent backup


I did that too!
It's just something active webmasters do. We click a lot and it's easy to have a moment of stupidity that you can't take back.
Yes, I guess you're right. Tongue
Your sites design is fucking awesome, I'll tell you that.
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