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Full Version: Requesting Paytodownload plugin
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Hello i am requesting this plugin beacuse all the others i saw are useless...

This plugin will Hide every LINK in 1st thread, on certain FID's(forums)
and will replace with a "if you want to see download link <img> (image with BUY THIS DOWNLOAD TEXT)</img><br> Price: so you will buy it and link will be revealed

or this could be set with a mycode

but.. i want that this cost MYPS (user defined) so every different download has a different price
Could it be possible?
there is already a hide mycode and hide message plugin.. and create a usergroup to have an access for the hidden message or link.. Smile
or we or jesse can make that plugin which shows hidden message with a cost of myps.. is that what you mean, bro? Smile
MYPS attachments is in Lex's plugin section I believe.

This can't be done with hiding links. I have yet to see a properly working hide links plugin and that's because of Mybb. There is an issue with multiquote function and not being able to parse the data again to hide the info.
# Minimum MYPS to View An Attachment (0 to disable) (what if i have different download sections? i have actually 9 =/)
# Costs to view an Attachment (0 to disable) (same price for all downloads?)
# Both Above settings Apply In What Forum(s) (D=)

myps attachments does not fits my needs

im developing a new download system, just the theorical part, beacuse i am not a programmer
i will post it here soon
with this idea too, we can't use quick reply form.. Smile try to use Hide suite by Lennart..