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Full Version: Anti Ad Blocker.
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Well, some people use Ad Blocker for hide the ads on the forums.

I think this will be a good idea like this plugin for wordpress.

There are other for vBulletin but is outdated.

Very bad idea. I agree with this comment from a user there.

Quote:This plugin's a bad idea for site owners. If anyone's gone to the trouble of installing AdBlock, it's because on balance, adverts are just an annoyance to them. If they felt they might be missing out on some new product or great offer by not seeing adverts, they wouldn't install AdBlock.

Having this plugin with its popup is saying to these users: "Hi! I know you installed AdBlock because you didn't want to be annoyed by adverts, so I've come here to annoy you anyway. Also, I'd like to point out that you probably don't know what's best for you, and advise you to disable AdBlock. You only *think* adverts annoy you."

This isn't about the ethics of using ad-blocking software. It's about keeping users on your site, which this plugin seems designed to combat. Unless, of course the *only* reason to have users on your site is for them to see your ads; in which case, why are you bothering with a site at all?
Mmm, yeah, you got reason.

But is there a way to force the ads to load without use a plugin like this on the page else if they have ad blocker?

I don't investigate black hat ad methods.