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Hello everyone, I'm Grizzly. I run I just started it up, and I haven't really used mybb before. I was always a SMF kind of guy. However, SMF is starting to go downhill now, as I've found a couple vulnerabilities in the 1.1.10 version, which are quite elementary. However, I will not be releasing these to anyone, so if you happen to run a forum on SMF no worries. And it's not really the core SMF, but, a mod.

But, I decided to go with MyBB as a forum I quite like to browse and post every so often on (one of Labrocca's) is ran by MyBB. So now, here I am today (was on here a bit yesterday) having paid Labrocca another $5 Big Grin

However, looking at the quality of his mods, I must say, it's $5 well spent, and Ihave never paid for mods before.

Also, I'm American, currently living in Germany.
Welcome to central! Guten Morgan. (Good Morning) Smile