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This forum is for gray hat hackers, but, all others are always welcome, what kind of a forum turns down members that will post regularly?

My goal is to have a community where ethical hackers can come together and trade war stories, keep updated on the latest trends, share trade secrets, etc.

The theme is to dark for me.
I don't think labrocca will like you advertising your site on here.
Just my opinion here mate but i had a quick look around as a guest and could see far too much info for my liking.
I would sugest perhaps preventing view to most forums for guests. Well especially the "Controversial" ones.
Theme is okay.
The banner could be better.
I think the banner is bad. I would ask something to create a new banner for you!

I think he will allow it, hf is permanently down.
TBH that was just something I threw up real quick. I'm working on something a little better atm. But, it's taking quite a while lol.
(Sep 29, 2009, 11:17 PM)windowsmediaman Wrote: [ -> ]I think he will allow it, hf is permanently down.

HF is not permanently down, he just sold it to a new owner. And this is for MyBB reviews, why would he not allow it?

REVIEW: Looks quite ugly, there's a paid subscription and not even 50 members? Bad idea. There are advertisements everywhere (the text and shit) - Makes it look horrible, and there is almost no forums to post in, I see like..6.
i dont care about all this i just miss hf ^^
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