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Full Version: Email All Members
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Sorry if this is a easy or stupid question but I can't seem to figure it out.

Is there anyway to email all your members at the same time with the same email? I couldn't find anything in the admincp, I need to tell all my members something and I don't wan't to do one by one because obviously that would waste my time =\

ACP > Users & Groups > Mass Mail.
Oh okay. Thanks alot Matt.
I have one more problem. I did everything and I ticked "Send imediatly" And then the status is set to "Queued" The delivery date is "Today" Wich is good, but I don't understand why its Queued.
Mass Mail
Automatically sends any queued mass mailings every 15 minutes.

Thats prob why mate. It will be set to run within the next 15 min.

Admin CP/Tools and Maintanance/Task Manager.
Yeah, what it means by Send Immediately is the next time the Mass Mail task is run... every 15 mins by default, as long as someone visits the board to trigger the task, but you can manually run it by clicking the little clock next to the Mass Mail task.
Thanks for the replies guys. Its working now =]