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Full Version: Postbit Setting Question
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Today I Hijacked one of my user's account because he had problems login with it and realized that he sees his post box like this..

[Image: Capture-10.jpg]

with his actual post on the right side of all the awards and everything that is usually on the right side of my posts.. on my account and all of the other users the picture bellow

[Image: 7-1.jpg]

how can i change it to be like in the first picture for all the other users? i did manage to move all what was on my right post bit to the left, that's not a problem but the post itself shows under all the postbits stuff and not to the right like in the first picture, i know that's probably just a little thing that i'm missing somewhere but i have no idea what and where to put it..

Can anyone tell me what to do ?
thanks Wink